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This is the BEST site I have come accross  for Caldera source and binaries. 


Greetings people, 

I've put up an all new and fully backwards compatible kernel 2.2.14 for OpenLinux 2.3. This kernel was built (on OL23) using a modified eServer kernel srpm. Get your copy at: 


No one is allowed to whine that (only) SuSe has reiserfs or UDMA66 support anymore! This may not be official Caldera stuff but it should be close enough :-) 

Here's part of the release notes - please read the full thing at the ftp server... 

--- start ---------------------------------------------------------------- 

DESCRIPTION =========================================================================== This kernel package is based on the kernel srpm provided in CalderaSystems eServer distribution and should retain all the features of the kernel included in OpenLinux 2.3 distribution. This is the list of rpms: 

linux-kernel-binary-2.2.14-ol23.LSE.f2.i386.rpm linux-kernel-doc-2.2.14-ol23.LSE.f2.i386.rpm linux-kernel-include-2.2.14-ol23.LSE.f2.i386.rpm linux-source-alpha-2.2.14-ol23.LSE.f2.i386.rpm linux-source-arm-2.2.14-ol23.LSE.f2.i386.rpm linux-source-common-2.2.14-ol23.LSE.f2.i386.rpm linux-source-i386-2.2.14-ol23.LSE.f2.i386.rpm linux-source-m68k-2.2.14-ol23.LSE.f2.i386.rpm linux-source-mips-2.2.14-ol23.LSE.f2.i386.rpm linux-source-ppc-2.2.14-ol23.LSE.f2.i386.rpm linux-source-s390-2.2.14-ol23.LSE.f2.i386.rpm linux-source-sparc-2.2.14-ol23.LSE.f2.i386.rpm linux-source-sparc64-2.2.14-ol23.LSE.f2.i386.rpm 

UPDATES =========================================================================== The following patches and enhancements are included 

autofs-2.2.14-20000123 updates to the automounter bridge-20000202 bridging code rewrite epcav-1.4.1 current patch for DigiBoard PC/Xem ide. the latest ide/udma66 patch for 2.2.14 ip_masq_vpn-2.2.14 patch to add PPTP and IPsec masquerading linux-2.2.14 upgraded from 2.2.14-4ac3 (prerelease) nfsv3-0.17.0 latest experimental nfsv3 patches ppp-2.3.11 latest version of PPP raid0145-19990824 latest version of RAID drivers reiser-3.5.16 the journaling filesystem patch from SuSe shsmod-1.7c added to enable some onboard serial I/O chip to run in Super High Speed mode (230k, 460k, 921k) 

The sources of all patches are documented in the spec file located in the SRPM directory. 

ADDITIONAL UPDATES =========================================================================== To supplement the patches included in this kernel release, several update rpm packages have been posted.

autofs-4.0.0pre4-ol23.LSE.1.i386.rpm mount-2.9u-4_nfsv3_0.3.i386.rpm[A nfs-utils-0.1.6-ol23.LSE.1.i386.rpm ppp-2.3.11-ol23.LSE.1.i386.rpm ppp-devel-2.3.11-ol23.LSE.1.i386.rpm raidtools-0.90-ol23.LSE.1.i386.rpm reiserfs-3.5.16-ol23.LSE.1.i386.rpm 

The following packages are provided to help ensure backwards compatibility: 

iBCS-2.1-981105-ol23.LSE.1.i386.rpm pcmcia-cs-3.1.10-ol23.LSE.1.i386.rpm 

Please tell me if I missed a package that is dependent on the kernel version and I'll build it.... 

NOTE: If you wish to test nfsv3 you will need to recompile the kernel with nfsv3 support and install the updated mount package: 

rpm -Uvh --force mount-2.9u-4_nfsv3_0.3.i386.rpm 

INSTALLATION =========================================================================== First, download it all - don't grab one piece and expect it will work for you. Then get a list of installed kernel packages by running 

rpm -qa | grep linux 

Now upgrade the installed packages with 

rpm -Uvh <package_name> 

Finally install all the support packages (at least install the packages you'll be using...) 

This kernel (like the stock Caldera kernel) is compiled with nearly ALL options and modules enabled! It is FAT! Once you have installed the kernel and supporting packages it is highly recommended you rebuild the kernel to fine tune it to your hardware config. 

If you are not interested in recompiling your kernel, you should not waste your time downloading these rpms!!!! 

FEEDBACK =========================================================================== appreciated, requested.... 

BUGS =========================================================================== This kernel must be compiled with the bridge code (either modularized or in the kernel directly) or af_packet.c will fail during compile. I have talked with the author of the bridging patch and he will fix this bug in the next couple of days. I'll build a new kernel package at that time. 

Please report any other bugs you find so I can try to fix 'em 

-- end ------------------------------------------------------------------- 

As usual, NO WARRANTY - if it breaks you get to keep both pieces - blah, blah, blah - it worked here at least once :-) 

Have fun! 

Andrew McRory - amacc@iron-bridge.net 850.575.7213 - Tallahassee, Florida

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