Submitter: John J Duffy

This document will illustrate how to use Symantec Ghost 2001 to back up a Linux system. I am using an IBM ThinkPad i1483 with an 11.5Gb hdd, 192Mb of RAM, dual-boot using Win98 on a 2.72Gb partition(hda1) and Caldera eDesktop2.4 on the remaining 9Gb.

The Linux partitions are:

  1. Basic Instructions
    1. Using Windows, create the 2 floppy boot disks needed for using Ghost 2001. One if you store your backup on a CD, the other if you leave your backups in a Windows folder.
    2. Clean up your Linux system, getting it to where you feel it's perfect.
    3. Choose the appropriate floppy, insert and reboot. Once the floppy loads, the Ghost 2001 DOS window appears. You will be given a choice of using "Disk" (for systems with separate hard drives) or "Partition".
    4. Now simply go to your ext2 Linux partitinos and copy each one individually to a Windows folder on your C drive. I make it easy on myself and na,e each copy with a name that corresponds to the partition I am copying. Ghost sees each partition as a number that corresponds to the initial Windows partition (which is "1" in this case). This means your first Linux partition (hda5) becomes "2" in Ghost's eyes. So, I name my hda5 backup Linux2.GHO and send it to a windows folder. Whem I and through, I have files numbered Linux2.GHO through Linux7.GHO. I then copy these files to a CDR.
    5. Once you have decided its time to reinstall your backed-up Linux system, simply insert the appropriate floppy and reboot. Once the Ghost window appears, go into the Windows folder (or CDR) and reinstall each partition individually. Remember that each partition will be COMPLETELY OVERWRITTEN! You will be brought back to the pristine Linux system you backed up.
  2. Some problems...sometimes
  3. Personal observations
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