Les Bell has introduced a new element into this age old batteground.

Rather than re-iterate the usual fors and against, a little lateral thinking has been introduced. It should prove illuminating to you in areas far more reaching than just the command line prompt.

Les's base argument is left and right sided brains. For the mathmatically, structurally inclined, the cli is the only way to go. For the artistic, the creative, gui is the answer. No one perfectly fits either footprint but it explains much why it is impossible to convince the other side of the rightness of their argument. It goes deeper than 'both contestents being correct'. For each side, the other cannot be right because they aren't able to function in that foreign world.

It is impossible to explain to a right dominant brain that jet black is just another shade of grey. It is equally impossible to explain to a left sider that shades of grey are just monochromatic representations of the six primary colours. You bore the other with your logic.

Here is an interesting chart to see where you fit in.

In future, you might apply a little more wisdom before you flame others with your 'self evident logic'.

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