Getting More True Type Fonts

Commercial Software
True Type fonts are very easy to come by, and large amounts of them are typically included in packages like Microsoft Word and Word Perfect. Getting Word Perfect is an easy way to get an enormous amount of fonts. If you're really cheap, you could buy a legacy version of Word Perfect for windows. The fonts on this CD are readable. I have even seen older DOS versions of WordPerfect for sale for about $ 1.00 US. I recently purchased Corel WP for Linux soley for the high quality fonts. I paid $49.00 US and got over 1000 True Type fonts. Each font cost me less than 5 cents... I copied the fonts to a CD and then trashed WP (It runs under WINE and I use Linux, not Windoze).

Microsoft's Font Download
Microsoft has also made several True Type fonts available. These are very good quality fonts and I highly recommend them because they are well hinted and therefore, look great on screen. You will need to download the Windows 3.1" versions. The .exe  file is simply an archive, you can extract it using unzip. You can get them from the download site:

Luc's Webpage
Luc Devroye's webpage links to several sites with free fonts available.  What's unique about these fonts is that a lot of them are really free, they are not rip-offs of commercial fonts".

Web sites with true type fonts
There are several web sites offering freely available downloadable fonts. For example, the freeware connection links to a number of archives.
Not mentioned on the above site, but full of tons of fonts, of varying styles is

Several foundries sell True Type fonts. However, most of them are quite expensive, and for the same money, you'd be better of with Type1 fonts. The one place that does do sell true type fonts at low prices is buyfonts:

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