Linux Step By Steps

Create a personalized version of Tom's Root Boot.

Sender: Gordon

  1. Download the image from
  2. Read the FAQ page at, especially section 6.
  3. Step up to root. su - root
  4. Extract the files from the file tomsrtbt-1.7.185.tar.gzusing the command: tar xvzf tomsrtbt-1.7.185.tar.gz
  5. Go into the directory it created: cd tomsrtbt-1.7.185
  6. Extract the files from the disk image using the command: sh unpack.s tomsrtbt.raw
  7. Go into the filesystem directory: cd tomsrtbt-1.7.185.unpacked/2
  8. Under here, you'll see lots of directories like bin, sbinetc.  taris a hard link to pax, you need to remove this with rm tar. (the same applies to cpio)
  9. Download the program you want from, the gnu-cpioprogram will probably do all the tar functions you want.
  10. Uncompress the program with bunzip2.
  11. Remove some other programs/files within the bin/ libetc. directories which you don't think you need, the FAQ suggests dmsdos and ce.
  12. Go back up to the top level directory, and type 2/usr/doc/buildit.s, this will build you a new disk image and tell you how to save it to disk.