From: Andrew Mathews and Myles Green

Some people use more than one machine to send and receive mail. Knowing what machine was used can be useful sometimes.  The signature at the end of this message uses the method listed below.

To create a signature to identify the machine, date, and time sent use the following to create it:

------------cut here-----------
echo "(your name here)" > /home/(name)/.signature
echo "-----------------" >> /home/(name)/.signature
echo "$HOSTNAME  `date '+%A %b %d %Y %X %Z'`" >> /home/(name)/.signature
echo "-----------------" >> /home/(name)/.signature
/usr/games/fortune -s >> /home/(name)/.signature

------------cut here-----------

(Note the -s flag limits fortune to use the "short" fortunes of less than 160 characters, as long signatures are considered annoying.)

Save this as something such as /usr/bin/siggen, make it executable using chmod +x /usr/bin/siggen, and add it to your crontab (crontab -e) to run it such as:

5 * * * * /usr/bin/siggen

The fortune program used to generate the quips and quotes at the end is available at

There are many, and you can combine several by making sure the files reside in the same directory such as /usr/share/games/fortunes/ or wherever the primary fortune-mod installs it's own .dat files.

The end result:

-------------------------------------------------------  Friday Jun 07 2002 07:57:00 MDT
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