Sylpheed (in lieue of SxS)

From Collins Richey

0) I'm current on Mandrake beta (2.4.2 kernel, glibc 2.2.2, XFree86 4.0.2, GC 2.96), but this will work just fine on kernel 2.2.x, etc.)

1) Homepage for sylpheed (getting the source, etc.) is

There's a very responsive email group as well.

2) current release is 0.4.62

3) you need the following prereqs
XFree86-devel-n.n.n (I've uses both 3. and 4. releases)
also from sylpheed instructions
- Imlib or gdk-pixbuf (for built-in image view)
- libcompface (for X-Face)
- libjconv (for I18N)
- GPGME (for GnuPG) (I think this is still in development)

4) There is a Mandrake Cooker RPM which may not be suitable for COL users. This would be based on kernel 2.4.2, glibc 2.2.2, etc. The source will work on kernel 2.2.x, etc.

5) Once you have the prereqs, install is a snap - about 10 minutes on my 300MZ box:
cd to src directory
./make install
(The configure will fail if you don't have the prereqs!!!)

6) It runs fine under XFCE, KDE, or GNOME. You don't have to create an icon. Once installed just enter sylpheed & from your favorite terminal. The first time you run it, it will prompt for mail directory. You can't
use the kmail directory (different format). I use ~/Smail. Setting up your preferences and an account is pretty much self explanatory from the dialogs.

7) Supported at present
- multiple accounts
- filtering
- address book (it's better than kmail, but still primitive)
- partial to address completion from address book (enter tab)
- multiple mail folders
- conversion of kmail folders
- POP not IMAP (under development)
- does not do html mail (thank heavens)
- invoke browser from uri (I have set konqueror in preferences)

8) Quirks

- line wrapping is done at send time (not on screen) (Be sure to check the right box in global and account preferences)
- line wrapping for quotes is ragged
- both of these items are under development
- If filtering, check the boxes in both global and account preferences.
- be sure to check coloration box, if you want uri's highlighted

9) Problems
- really none
- I had a problem with coloration of uri's but that magically disappeared after I experimented with GNOME and themes (apparently did something beneficial to .gtkrc file???)
- it hasn't barfed on incoming mail even once!!!


Collins Richey
Denver Area
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