DOOM (all versions)

This is the classic from ID Software. It spawned Quake and remains the most popular Shoot'em up of all time. For many, Doom remains their favourite. The doom engine was released as source code to the public domain. The engine covers  all wads from the first Doom1, Doom2 and finally Ultimate Doom

It will only play in 256 color.

1) Download doom-1.10-7.i386.rpm from

2) Install using kpackage as root ignoring dependencies OR

from a su console

rpm -i --nodeps doom-1.10-7.i386.rpm

3) The package will install in the several directories. Unfortunately they are chowned as root and cause difficulties in saving the game SO we will plunk everything in a user directory;

mkdir $HOME/doom

mv /usr/X11R6/bin/xdoom  $HOME/doom/
mv /usr/games/rundoom  $HOME/doom/
mv /usr/lib/games/doom/*  $HOME/doom/

chown <username>.users  *

4) make a run script by editing the one that's there, clean it out and replace it with as follows

edit doom/rundoom

the following script allows you to add EXTRA wads. warps you to the first episide and plays in hurt me plenty mode. (anything less is for woosses)

export DOOMWADDIR=$HOME/doom 

if [ -n "$1" ]; then 
    arg="-file "$1.wad

$HOME/doom/xdoom -3 -skill 4 -warp 1 1 $arg & 

5) grab some doom wads

the rpm package comes with the original shareware doom1.wad. You can start playing immediately. If you have your own registered copies of doom, doom2 or ultimate doom copy whatever you have accounting for the following naming conventions

doomu.wad  # Ultimate Doom (from cd)
doom2.wad  # original hell on earth Doom2
doom.wad    # Original doom1 version 1.2 or better
doom1.wad  # doom shareware

xdoom (the engine) will load the first wad found from the above order.

6) THIS GAME PLAYS ONLY IN 256 COLOR MODE you MUST do the following

as root, edit /etc/XF86Config

change the line 'defaultdisplaymode' from 16 (or whatever) to 8

then restart the X server (normally this can be done by logging out of kde and restarting that way in the shutdown options)


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