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> For configuring quake3:
> http://www.frankenlinux.com/gaming/q3.html
> For gaming hardware:
> http://www.frankenlinux.com/gaming/hwsetup.html

From: Larry Hignight <lhignight@earthlink.net>

While the FrankenLinux directions are good, they're not really about installing Quake3. Your best bet for installing Quake3 on a Linux system is to go to www.lokigames.com. Also, if your installing multiple
games on your system, you'll definatly want to go with a seperate partition for /usr/local. Writing SxS for Quake 3 is pretty hard because of hardware and driver differences, however, the following should get someone pointed in the right direction.

1.) Make sure you have your 3d drivers installed correctly
-- see the section under support/GLdrivers for more info
-- typically, this means upgrading Glide and Mesa for 3dfx cards
-- installing utah-GLX for Matrox cards
-- installing XFree4.01 (fun!) and two drivers from Nvidia for Nvidia cards

2.) Now follow the directons in the Quake 3 faq.
-- goto support/faqs/Quake3Arena

3.Windows) if you have the linux version of the cd skip down one.
-- download the latest point release
-- mount the cdrom
-- install the point release in /usr/local/games/quake3
-- be sure to manually copy one of the pak files ....
'cp /mnt/cdrom/baseq3/*pak0 /usr/local/games/quake3/baseq3'
-- make a link from /usr/local/bin to the game

3.Linux) follow the directions on the faq ... very easy install :)

4. Experiment with different settings, wm's, etc. I've found the most
stable setting on my system is to set inittab to 3, reboot, startx, and
play it from within twm. YMWillV :)

From: Jim Conner <jconner83@home.com>

I have the SBLive! XGamer. I use OSS from 4Front Technologies(www.opensound.com). It works fine and setup flawlessly(except KDE event sounds, that are annoying anyway). Col eD 2.4 comes with the emu10k1 module already with the kernel and it will auto-detect on install and set it up for you. You will only need the web page on linuxnewbie if you want to upgrade the module or a version older than Col 2.4.
I've heard mixed reviews of the modules made by Creative Labs, ALSA, and OSS. I can't wait till the modules are mature enough that they rival the sound I can get from the card in Windoze98.
This could be a good link to put in somewhere on the SxS, I'll let the maintainers figure out where.

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