KDE 1.1.2

UPGRADING FROM KDE 1.1.1 to 1.1.2

REVISED April 2000 and 21 May 2000 (ftp URL updated)
REVISED again 27 May 2000 (section 1 expanded)

TESTED ON OLX 2.3, Kernel 2.2.x series Col 2.2/3

Netlama's addenda

After these steps a bug in KDE may still report the version as 1.1.1 in the Control Center.  If the output of 

"rpm -q kdebase", "rpm -q kdelibs", & 
"rpm -q kdeapps" 

specifies version 1.1.2 then you have 1.1.2.  

Author: pam.roberts@btinternet.com

1) Download the Caldera RPMs.

You can choose to download the original Col 2.3 upgrades from ftp://ftp.calderasystems.com/pub/OpenLinux/updates/2.3/current/RPMS/

  (Note, Caldera appear to have moved them recently, they used to be at
   ftp://ftp.calderasystems.com/pub/kde/stable/1.1.2/distribution/rpm/COL-2.3/i386/ )

Or you can get the rpms used in eDesktop 2.4, from

According to Mike Andrew;
kde1.1.2 is not born equal. The kde1.1.2 as released in the e2.4 distribution is 'better', with some configuration bugs removed, than the one available for 2.3 updates. They are not one and the same thing and the e2.4 kde 1.1.2 *can* most definitely be applied to earlier releases. There is of course not a great deal in it, the corrections, depending on your point of view, are quite minor.

The main problem with the 2.3 update versions is that you lose Kvt and have to use Konsole instead. The eD2.4 rpms give you both Kvt and Konsole but have Ksaferppp instead of Kppp.

2) Get to a text console screen (CTRL+ALT+F1 from KDE) , log in as root and cd to the directory you have put the RPMs in. 

3) Install the RPMs in the following order;

kdesupport / kdesupport-devel / kdesupport-devel-static
kdelibs / kdelibs-devel / kdelibs-doc
kdebase / kdebase-opengl

then whatever else you want (kdegraphics, multimedia & network recommended). 

Use the following format to avoid grumbles about dependencies;
rpm  -Uvh  --nodeps  --force  kde-whatever-.rpm 

4) shutdown  -r  now 

5) When it has rebooted and you have logged in to KDE as user or root you'll get a little message box offering to give you new templates. Accept this kind offer.

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