Doug's Way Installing KDE 2.x from source for speed and features
Pams way (eD2.4) Upgrading Caldera eD2.4 to KDE 2.1.1
Addenda The addenda contains a few short notes of people's early observations about KDE2 installation on Caldera 2.4. No further additions were made to the addenda after 28 Oct 2000..
Caldera vs 211 Further observations about installing KDE2.1.1 on Caldera 2.4
KMAIL Fix for broken Kmail in KDE 2.0, Address Book tricks.
HTDIG Getting KDE's Help search browser to work (KDE 2.0 & 2.1).
Pams way (eW3.1) Upgrading Caldera 3.1 to KDE 2.2
Slackware upgrade KDE 2 recompilation for Slackware
Mime Types All you ever wanted to know about KDE2's Mime types.
GUI Login Hack How the eD2.4 GUI login sequence has been modified to handle KDE 2 as well as KDE 1
KDE2 Know How Being a collection of tips for making your KDE2.x experience even more enjoyable.
Sound Bug
Erroneous sound 'slot error'

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