From: Andrew Mathews <>

Subject: Mouse Tip

This is an old tip for your desktop that disappeared in CSOL 2.3, but is functional again in eDesktop 2.4. If you would like your applications to appear when you click a blank area of your desktop, edit your ~/.kde/share/config/krootwmrc file and add the following two lines:


You'll need to restart your Xserver for this to take effect. You'll have the same menu as clicking on the "K" anywhere you're pointer is on the screen.
From: Regas <>

> In the event you are using a program like kmail and you want to add an address
> to your address book, you put the pointer on the "from" address on an email and
> push the left mouse button... My question is if I enable the feature you are
> talking about, do I still have the same functionality as described above?

The mod only changes the functionality of the desktop click. The only thing you lose is the ability to select multiple items on the desktop by dragging. Otherwise, it affects nothing.

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