From: Joel Hammer <>

Subject: Re: kde and sticky applications
Date: Friday, 25 August 2000 1:40 PM

> > 1. how do I tell kde to make an application sticky forever.

There are certain things that I always want to be sticky and I should not have to make them sticky everytime I start them.

> 2. certain application (like xmms) take over all mouse click action. so, how do I tell kde that the application is sticky if I can't find a spot on the application to click and get the kde window?

kstart is the way kde starts some applications. It has a number of options. To see them, type kstart in an xterm window. Sticky is one of them. Just note that the program and its own options go between the
double quotes and kstart options came after the program name. This is very handy. You can run kstart as just a one line script or get fancy and put it into a kdelnk file. I am currently starting xmms with kstart, but I haven't tried the sticky option. This is my kdelnk exec command:

kstart "xmms" -desktop 5 -activate

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