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In Brief:

The version shipped with Caldera's e2.4 (version 1.0) is slightly buggy, but highly useable. Two some upgrades are a benefit

1) The glimpse package is not supplied. Go to


and download


The package is caldera friendly

2) A better revision.

Some minor, but irritating bugs were fixed on version 1.1 Unfortunately, the redhat and mandrake rpms of this newer package are unfriendly. This is where you need to be:


Download the tarball


As usual, with most tarballs these days, this one compiles 'out of the box'

do this
tar -zxvf kdevelop-1.1.tar.gz
cd kdevelop-1.1
make install

BEFORE doing the last step, remove your current kdevelop rpm (using kpackage, or rpm -e) if you installed it.

Note also, that during the 'configure' step it will complain noisily if you do not have the STATIC qt libraries installed. Specifically 'moc' dependencies. Make sure you have rpm installed all relevant qt libraries before moving to kdevelop as they are intertwined.

3) Installing c++ reference documentation

SInce I hardly know c++ (but a great deal about C), i found this reference very handy. It merges into the existing Kdevelop environment without you doing one thing further.

Download here (1 meg)

tar -zxvf c_cpp_reference-1.0.tar.gz
cd c_cpp_reference
make install

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