For Caldera series 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4.

For those of you working with KDE2, and are happy with it (I am not), you can safely remove kde (1) under the following steps.

Note Bene: If you skip these steps, or misread them, you are destined for a life of runlevel 3. These steps are not for the faint hearted. KDE *is* the visual front end to Linux on your desktop. Break it, and you have no desktop.

That said, these steps work,  they are not complex. You simply need to use ultra caution and common sense. The end benefit is a considerable saving in disk space. These steps rely on the kpackage (rpm) file manager to achieve a thorough cleanout. Do NOT, under any conceivable circumstance simply rm anyfile or directory

Step 0)

Step 1) Changing default to kde2

edit /etc/config.d/shells/bashrc
change line from kde to kde2

[ -z "$KDEDIR" ]&&[ -d /opt/kde2 ] && export KDEDIR=/opt/kde2

Step 2) test

It is suggested that you test the effectiveness of Step 1 by:

simply rebooting, OR

Step 3) save  X startup scripts

cd /root
cp -r /etc/X11/kdm  .  # NOTE THE (dot)

These scripts are contained _only_ in kde1 rpms therefore removing kde1 rpms would otherwise destroy them

Step4) remove kde1

rpm -e kxxxxxx-1.1.2.xxxxxxxx

Be careful. Go through your rpm list (use kpackage) and remove  kde 1 rpms. All kde rpms have a revision number of 1.1-2. This INCLUDES all k games, not just kdexxx. You will get assistance along the way because rpm (kpackage) will not let you remove an rpm until you have also deleted any dependencies. Be patient, iterate through the lot. Your system will thank you, and will be cleaner, meaner, as a result.

Whenever in doubt, simply use step 2 to verify

Step5) remove QT1

rpm -e qtxxxx1.1.4xxxxxxx

again, cautiously go through your rpm list and remove all qt 1.1.4 files

whenever in doubt, simply use step 2 to verify


cd /root
cp -r kdm /etc/X11

Step 7) use step 2

Use step 2 to check the effectiveness of the changes

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