Removing KDE 1.x-My Steps

By: Bill Day

Include "Tested on Caldera eDesktop 2.4 with the stock kernel of 2.2.14.
Caldera supplied kde1.1.2(removing) and Caldera supplied kde2.1.1 rpms(installed and working)

Proceed at your own risk, mileage will vary if you skip, misunderstand or have a modified setup.

1. All Steps as "su". Do not continue if you are not successfully running KDE2.
2. Changing default to kde2
Edit with your favorite editor:
Make changes in line from kde to kde2:
From: [ -z "$KDEDIR" ]&&[ -d /opt/kde ] && export KDEDIR=/opt/kde
TO: [ -z "$KDEDIR" ]&&[ -d /opt/kde2 ] && export KDEDIR=/opt/kde2
3. Test
Test by either
simply rebooting # I successfully-with some help, completed this without rebooting.
switch to a tty (ctrl alt f1)
ps xa
kill <pid>
# For kdm
/etc/rc.d/rc/gui # You may also opt for telinit 3 followed by telinit 5
4. Save your xstartup scripts
cd /root
cp -r /etc/X11/kdm  .  # NOTE THE (dot)

These scripts are contained _only_ in kde1 rpms therefore removing kde1 rpms would otherwise destroy them.
5. Remove KDE1
rpm -e kxxxxxx-1.1.2.xxxxxx

Be careful. Go through your rpm list (use kpackage) and remove  kde 1 rpms. All kde rpms have a revision number of 1.1.2 , This INCLUDES all k games, not just kdexxx. You will get assistance along the way because rpm (kpackage) will not let you remove an rpm until you have also deleted any dependencies. Be patient, iterate through the lot. Your system will thank you, and will be cleaner, meaner, as a result.

Whenever in doubt use step 3 to test.
6. Remove QT1
rpm -e qtxxxx-1.1.4.xxxxx

Be careful. Again, cautiously go through your rpm list(with kpackage) and remove all qt1.1.4 files

If in doubt, use step 3 to verify.
cd /root
cp -r kdm /etc/X11
8. Create a SymLink
ln -s /opt/kde2 /opt/kde
#Thanks to Jim Conner for this one. login kept failing, a simple search on Caldera knowledge base produced this.
(Ref. #001203-0008)
9. For each user on the system using GUI
mv /home/<user>/.kde to /home/<user>/.kdeold
rm /opt/kde
# Remove your symlink (it may/may not have been necessary. No way to confirm without going through the mess all over again.

10. Use step 3

. You are done. Please consult linux-users mailing list for further support, as I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, this is just all the steps I had to do, to have a successfull box running only kde2.x with the addition of the space freed up by removing kde1.x and qt1.x
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