Window Managers : XFCE adding via GDM

From Fri Mar  1 02:39:56 2002

Compile options for XFce: (these are mine, the important ones refer to GDM)

./configure --disable-dt
--enable-gtk-engines=/usr/lib/gtk/themes/engines \--enable-xft
--enable-gdm --with-gdm-prefix=/etc/X11/gdm/Sessions \--enable-arts=yes
&& \ make && \
make install

Switching from KDM to using GDM as a graphical login

Open the file /etc/sysconfig/desktop in your favorite editor and change
DESKTOP="KDE" to read DESKTOP="GNOME", then restart X and you should be
looking at GDM - select XFce from the menu after entering your username
but before you add your password (in case you're like me and habitually
hit enter as soon as the password is there ;-) and you're good to go.

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