submitted by: Collins Richey (richey3@wt.net)
Many thanks to other contributers listed below.

This procedure has been tested on eDesk2.4 (full install) with KDE 1.1.3 (unmodified). My pc is a k6/2 300 with 64M memory and SiS 530 video card. Except as noted below, I encountered no errors. I do not use run level 5, but I assume this will work also.

This is a plain and simple step-by-step. Please refer to the XFREE 4.0 INSTALL item for more extensive information.

Getting the source

Mike Andrew has had good results with the sources supplied by Douglas Hunley. I, myself, used the standard Xfree86 sources at the following url. Since this is the pristine source, you will be positioned to apply patches, if needed.


You need to download the following 3 files to your favorite download directory. The download takes 3.5-4 hours on a 56K link.


Installing the source

Prepare to run XFREE 401

Other Notes

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