XFREE 4.0.3 on Sibyl (Caldera Beta 3.1)

From: Collins Richey <erichey2@home.com>

All I did was follow the XFree86 install instructions, namely.

1) Select the 4.03 binaries for linux-glibc2.2

2) They recommend that you download and execute the Xinstall.sh program to check the version, but it will come up with the same thing as 1).

3) Review the Install instructions (in the linux-glibc2.2 directory on the mirror). You are required to have 4.02 installed, which Sibyl does.

4) create a directory for the downloads

5) Download the requested stuff, ie Xdocupd.tgz Xdrivers.tgz Xinstall.sh Xupdate.tgz extract

6) backup your /etc/X11 and /usr/X11R6 directories somewhere safe and also your XF86Config file(s)

7) shutdown to console mode (no X)

8) su

9) cd to the directory where you downloaded the stuff

10) sh Xinstall.sh

11) I didn't need to even rebuild my XF86Config file, it came right up

12) If you need to rebuild XF86Config, user the tried and true xf86config;
xf86cfg segfaults!

13) That's all folks - really painless

Good luck.

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