XPnP is a GUI front end to the ISAPNP package and replaces the pnpdump program from that package.  A KDE version is available here.

The GUI displays:

All ISAPNP boards
All devices on each board
All IO, IRQ and DMA resources of each device

Each device on each board will suppy up to 8 configurations.

Each configuration contains a number of selectable IO, IRQ and DMA values.

Not all devices supply all configurations and not all configurations are adjustable. Similarly, some resources are simply not used.

To select a given range simply click on the values indicated.

Pressing the save button writes out the selected configuration to a file named 'isapnp.conf' in the local directory.

It remains for you to copy that file over to the/etc/ directory.

The only damage you can do is to the original/etc/isapnp.conf configuration (if present). Obviously, backup this file.

This program requires the  xforms library to operate. xforms.0.88.rpm is normally available on your distribution cd, or you can go here to obtain a later version (0.89)

You can retrieve a copy of the binary-only xpnp here

Xpnp documentation

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