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Using the Sony Clie with jpilot
Written on 12-October-02 by Keith Boykin

I have seen some posts on other lists about using the Sony Clie w/jpilot under SuSE 8.1.  Since I have a Sony Clie T615C and set it up under SuSE 8.1, I am posting how I did it:

>From a clean install of SuSE 8.1

NOTE: I did not install pilot-link from the SuSE 8.1 CD's, so I did not have the pilot-link-0.9.5 nor pilot-link-devel-0.9.5 running. You might want to remove these if they are installed. Once I installed and configured pilot-link-0.11.5, I ran ldconfig and SuSEconfig. I dunno if this was necessary or not.

1. You will pilot-link 0.11.3 or greater from
2. You should download the latest jpilot (0.99.3) from  I used the tarball: jpilot-0.99.3.tar.gz
3. make sure the following libraries are installed:
4. untar the pilot-link
5. cd the pilok-link dir, in my case /home/keith/pilot-link-0.11.5 and configure using --prefix=/usr
6. run: make and then, make install
7. untar jpilot
8. cd jpilot dir, in my case /home/keith/jpilot-0.99.3
9. run: sh ./, then make and then, then make install
10. run jpilot and set preferences:
for my serial port, I used /dev/usb/ttyUSB1 and baud rate of 115200

Now it can be tricky syncing, in the past I would push the sync button on my Clie then clicked sync on jpilot.  What I have found is push the sync button on the clie, wait until you hear the beep from your pc signifying recognition of the usb, then click the sync button in jpilot and you should be synced!!

HTH. Obviously, YMMV if you have customized your box.