Linux Step By Steps


From: "m thompso"

Subject: SxS - COL2.4 & Promise Ultra66 Card
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 10:47:28 EST

I'm using OpenLinux eDesktop 2.4 and a PCI Promise Ultra66 IDE controller card.  If you want to do a fresh install of Linux onto a drive that's connected to a PCI Promise Ultra66 IDE controller card, follow these steps:

1) Use a Linux boot disk to boot your system (if you don't have one yet, you can get one from

2) At the Linux console prompt, type "cat /proc/pci" without the quotes.

3) This will spit out five I/O numbers for your Promise Ultra66 card (the ones that are not in brackets).

4) Label those I/O numbers a, b, c, d, e (the first is "a"; the second is "b"; etc.).

5) Now, restart your system and boot from the Linux installation CD.

6) At the "select install mode" screen, highlight "expert install mode" (do NOT press enter yet). I'm a newbie and I was able to easily proceed with the expert install mode. Newbies, don't be scared by the words "expert install mode." It is honestly painless. Think of "expert install mode" as "custom install mode."

7) Press "e" to edit the entry.

8) Highlight the line that starts with the word "kernel".

9) Press "e" to edit this entry.

10) At the end of the entry, add "ide1=a,b ide2=c,d" without the quotes. Be sure to substitute the actual I/O numbers for the letters shown above.

11) Press enter when done completing step #10.

12) Press "b" to boot the installation with the changes you made in step #10.

After successfully installing Linux, you will want to edit /etc/lilo.conf with any text editor. Add "ide1=a,b ide2=c,d" without the quotes to the end of your append line (remember to substitute the actual I/O numbers for the letters in the example). If you turned off your PC without modifying /etc/lilo.conf, just type "linux ide1=a,b ide2=c,d" without the quotes at the boot prompt to get back into Linux (you can now edit /etc/lilo.conf so you don't have to type this lengthy command to boot your Linux box).

I was able to use ide2 and ide3 with Linux Mandrake 6.1 (and 7.0-2).  I haven't figured out how to use ide2 and ide3 when setting up COL. BTW - I installed Linux on my system using "linux ideX=a,b ideY=c,d" but all the documentation describes adding 2 to the I/O numbers for b and d, but YMMV (example: ideX=a,b+2 ideY=c,d+2).

Checkout these great sites to now make your drive operate in UDMA mode (the first is specific to the HPT366 card but most of the information can easily be applied to the PCI Promise Ultra66 card.  When you get around to recompiling the kernel, you'll want to include support for the PDC20262 chip instead of the HPT366 chip). I believe the third URL contains a kernel RPM that also includes the IDE kernel patch: