Linux Step By Steps


From: McRiley
Tested on 2.3
Down is a step by step guide to get an Epson Stulus Color to work in COL
2.3. I have only done it with a 600 but others have done the exact same thing
with other version, 400 for example.
I do not know if it is the exact same thing in 2.2 but I'm almost sure.
Do not put me as the autor of this cause I got much help with these
steps but they wokr 100%.
1/ Opened text editor and went to /etc/printcap and noted down the last
line address which in my case was /var/spool/lpd/lp/printfilter. The lp
what I called my printer in COAS if you called yours bob or bill I guess
yours will be different.
2/ I went to COAS - peripherals - printers and removed the printer
3/ Opened text editor and went to /etc/printcap and opened it and found
that it was now empty.
4/ Now went to /var/spool/lpd/lp/ and found that the file printfilter
still remained together with several other files. I deleted all these
5/ Went again to COAS and added a new printer, this time NOT epson400
but simply epson color stylus. Went ok to two messages.
6/ Opened editor and went to /etc/printcap  and the last line address
was again /var/spool/lpd/printfilter
7/ Used editor to open /var/spool/lpd/lp/printfilter and deleted all the
8/ Retyped all the contents pf printfile exactly as laid out in the
download document from Caldera. in the UPP=  I inserted stc_h for Epson
Stylus color
to match what I entered in COAS
you must run - " chmod u+x printfilter" (exclude"") you must change the
word printfilter to whatever  /etc/printcap  calls the filter in the
last line it might be printfilter or filter.
You must then stop and restart lpd by typing in
/etc/rc.d/init.d/lpd stop
/etc/rc.d/init.d/lpd start