SCANNERS-Epson GT5000 & General Info


Having spent some time searching for information on SANE and scanners, I thought you might like to know what I have discovered. This information is directed at your pages on scanners.

I can confirm that it is possible to use an Epson GT5000 scanner under Linux, using Caldera Open Linux 2.4 and Kernel 2.2.l4 on an AMD based PC system. The scanner is connected to an Epson Parallel Port Interface board. My system uses the B80818* Bi-directional Parallel Interface Board, which is an older board than the one shown in Christian's site.

For details of how to use SANE with this scanner see the site of Christian Bucher at:

Karl Heinz Kremer is the new SANE Epson backend maintainer. His site is a useful source of general Epson scanner and printer information. It can be found at:

Tony Lindop
Farnborough, Hants, UK

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