Linux Step By Steps
From: Pam R
Subject: Epson 760 printer via usb
Updated 21 April 00

Tested on COL 2.3 & eD2.4

1) USB support in the 2.2.x kernels isn't good enough for what we need here, but luckily there is a 'backport' patch available to add the latest USB stuff to a 2.2.14 kernel.
You need to start with a 'stock' 2.2.14 kernel from - the version that comes with eD2.4 doesn't seem to compile properly with the backport patch..

2) Get and read the 'Linux USB Guide' from

3) Get the latest version of the 'backport-usb' patch, as well as instructions on how to apply it,  from It will be called something like usb-2.3.50-1-for-2.2.14.diff.gz

4) Configure, compile & install the patched kernel and modules.

5) You now need to set up for an Epson 740 printer (no, that's not a typo <g>).
eD2.4 has 740 support built into COAS, if you're using 2.3 then follow the instructions in the Epson 740 printer Step by Step.

In setting up the printer change the Device from /dev/lp0 to /dev/usb/usblp0 (or whatever) and the name to something like ESC 760.
Also change the Uniprint driver name from stc740xx to stc760USBx, where 'x' is 'a' for 360x360 resolution, 'b' for 720x720, and 'c' for 1440x720.

6) Copy one or more of the following files to your /usr/share/ghostscript/5.10/  

Make sure that the permissions, owner & group of the new files are the same as the others in /usr/share/ghostscript/5.10/


a) These files are basically the ESC740 Uniprint files modified by adding following 3 lines
  00 00 00
  1b01 40 45 4a 4c 20 31 32 38 34 2e 34 0a
  40 45 4a 4c 20 20 20 20 20 0a
immediately after the line

I would guess that by removing these lines the files would work with a parallel port connected 760, but haven't tried it.

b) I've also 'improved' the colour transfer matrices, but they are still nowhere near perfect, so if anyone out there has the eye, time and ink to work on these I would be more than pleased to hear from you.

c) If you do modify these files, take care to turn off the word-wrap in your editor.

d) The 760 often misses the last line of a page, you can reduce the chance of this happening if you're using eD2.4 by editing /var/spool/lpd/lp/printfilter and changing the line
Make sure that the file is owned by daemon, group lp when you've finished editing it.

If you're printing from KFM then try selecting paper size B5 rather than A4 or Letter.

e) COL 2.3 & 2.4 come with ghostscript 5.10, this Step by Step also sort of works with ghostscript 6.0-1, but for some reason when I tried it the pictures looked very pale and washed out.