Linux Step By Steps


Dead simple folks. You need to:

From: Benjamin Close

USB is now fully supported in kernel 2.4.x.

For those of you still on 2.2.x you need to apply a patch to your kernel. is where you need to be.

Installing a usb anything requires device drivers for usb generically, and usb mice, specifically.

ONE: Drivers

Type the following at a command prompt in THIS order

modprobe input
modprobe mousedev
modprobe usbcore
modprobe uhci
modprobe hid

uhci refers to the commonest of chipsets on motherboards. (Via and Intel). If yours differs, consult the driver documentation in


Assuming there were no errors above insert the modules in /etc/modules/default so that they are available on reboots.

TWO: /dev/filenode

IF you are using devfs(d) (the new kernel dev file system) there's nothing to do. If not:

cd /dev
mkdir input
mknod input/mice c 13 63

THREE: XF86Config

A usb mouse is emulated as a ps/2 mouse. Therefore

Edit your /etc/X11/XF86Config.

XFREE 3.3.6
Section     "Pointer"
Section     "InputDevice"
Identifier "MyGreatMouse"
Driver       "mouse"

Protocol             "IMPS/2"
Device                "/dev/input/mice"
ZAxisMapping  "4 5"
Buttons              5         # or any number that thrills you

IMPS/2 You could simply type PS2, but IMps/2 allows wheel mice if you have one and has no ill effect if you dont. Ditto Z Axismapping line. It as no effect on non wheel mice.