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NETSCAPE-4.72 Upgrade
From: Marianne Taylor
tested on Col 2.3 on both kernel 2.2.10 and 2.2.14 generic kernel upgrade

Although this document was written with NS 4.72 in mind, the process has changed little since and this will still apply with the exception of some version number changes.

1) Download the desired file from

I chose Netscape 4.72 with 128 bit encryption. Glibc 2.0 version is appropriate for COL 2.3

2) Untar it with the following:
tar xvf communicator-v472-us.x86-unknown-linuxglibc2.0.tar
Note: the name of your file may vary

3) Switch to the newly created directory - one level below your download directory and run the install program by typing:
tell it where you want it - in my case I installed it to /opt/netscape2 in order not to clobber my previous version

4) Switch to installation directory and run program by typing:
In my case netscape complained that it needed

5) I downloaded the file from and installed it with kpackage (check dependencies,upgrade and replace files selected) command line rpm wouldn't work. Didn't clobber libstdc++so.2.9 as I feared it might

6) Switch to directory /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/ and rename the netscape file there to oldnetscape then copy the file in the installation directory to the above directory and rename this file netscape.
ie) cp /opt/<install dir>/ \ /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/netscape

7) Switch to installation directory and type: ./netscape and if your really lucky like me - presto it works.

I have both Netscape 4.72 and 4.61 working on my system at the moment.


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