Building Firefox 1.5 From Source

So you'd like to build Firefox 1.5 from source so that it's even leaner and meaner? Let me show you the way young padawan...

  1. Download the source:
  2. Unpack the sucker.
  3. cd into the mozilla directory.
  4. Create .mozconfig file (salt to taste, but this example should be a good start).
  5. Fix a small issue on some hosts:
    $ sed -i "s/    enum/& xptinfo_enum_1/" xpcom/reflect/xptinfo/public/xptinfo.h
  6. Build the beast:
    $ make -f build
  7. Install the beast:
    # make -f install
    # install -v -m755 -d /usr/lib/firefox-1.5/chrome/icons/default
    # ln -v -n -f -s ../../../icons/default.xpm \
    > /usr/lib/firefox-1.5/chrome/icons/default
    # install -v -m755 -d /usr/include/firefox-1.5/nss
    # cp -v -Lf ../firefox-build/dist/{private,public}/nss/*.h \
    > /usr/include/firefox-1.5/nss
    # chown -v -R root:root \
    > /usr/lib/firefox-1.5/extensions/*
  8. Now, run firefox as root once to let it build an additional directory or three.

That should be it. You should be all set.