AUTHOR: Mike Andrew

ICQ "I Seek You" is an excellent online chatbox and pseudo person to person email.

The creation and ownership of ICQ is mirabilis

Linux has many flavours of ICQ, all, degenerative copies of the original win9X client.


This was mirabilis' first and only attempt to port it's product to a non Microsoft Environment. It is still available on their website.

NICQ (I think)

A reverse engineered ICQ strictly terminal based.

Gnome / Gtk+ based.

Gicq and cousins. At least seven different products, all 'working' to varying degrees under Gnome, and needing the GTK devel toolkit. Generally these clones take their 'source library' from the original Nicq.

KXICQ, a good working client with heavy support and a mailgroup.


A Caldera version of this popular program, first released under Col 2.4


Gaelyne Gasson


I have an article on using Micq, which is a console mode ICQ program. It's available at - I can mail it to you if you like. I don't include how to compile and install it, as the article was written for C64/128 users who use shell accounts online, but other than that, it goes through all the steps one takes in using the software and the sidebar includes all the commands that at time of writing were not included with the program .

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