AUTHOR: Mike Andrew mikea@norfolk.nf

Tested on
2.2->2.4 1.1.x 2.2.x

This icq is for KDE and works. It is the easiest i have found to install on a Caldera distribution, mostly because it relies on the Qt libraries rather than gtk. 

NOTE: Snapshots of this package are a daily occurrence the rev level below is now very low. All are (so far) known to work with the following steps pending release of version 0.4xx series.


This step has been separated into proven rpm and the *very* popular snapshot tarballs.

Latest snapshots require libpng and libjpeg
The following steps apply to COL 2.2 and 2.3. e2.4 has these already.

Obtain these two rpm's from www.rpmfind.net

rpm -i --nodeps --force libjpeg-6b-12cl.i386.rpm 
rpm -Uvh libpng-
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