Linux Step By Steps

Author: Ian Marchak
Date: 2001-03-01

Specs: Stock Caldera eServer 2.3.1 (all updates installed up to #043)

The following are the steps I followed to set up the apache mod_roaming facility to allow me to share bookmarks, email addresses etc. in Netscape as I move back and forth from Linux to Windows at home.

1. Download (or newer if present), move it to /usr/src

2. Untar and run 'apxs -i -a -c mod_roaming.c' this adds the necessary entries to '/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf' and installs the module: (output follows)

gcc -O2 -m486 ... -c mod_roaming.c
gcc -shared -o mod_roaming.o
cp /usr/libexec/apache/
chmod 755 /usr/libexec/apache/
[activating module `roaming' in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf]

3. Edit /etc/httpd/conf/modules/mod_roaming.conf:

RoamingAlias /roaming /home/httpd/html/roaming
<Directory /home/httpd/html/roaming>
AllowOverride None
AuthType Basic
AuthName "Roaming Access"
AuthUserFile /home/httpd/html/roaming/.htaccess
require valid-user

4. mkdir /home/httpd/html/roaming.  I added 'roaming' to the 'IndexIgnore' section of httpd.conf to prevent prying eyes from poking about.  After a user is set up in the next step, the module will automatically create the users' individual roaming directory as they log in for the first time, so there is no need to create dirs for the users.  If it matters or not, I cannot say, but I changed to ownership of the roaming  dir to 'root.nobody' with 770 permissions.

5. Run: htpasswd -cm /home/httpd/html/roaming/.htaccess <username> to create the user password file.  After the file is there and you want to add more users, drop the '-c' option, keep the '-m' to force md5 encryption.

6. Restart apache /etc/rc.d/init.d/http stop; /etc/rc.d/init.d/http start.

7. Configure NS:

7a. Edit->Preferences->Roaming Access.

7b. Check the box to enable romaing profiles, add the user name.

7c. Expand the Roaming Access Menu and go into Server Info:
Select HTTP Server, enter the IP of your apache server, and desired the path to the users roaming directory (http://<>/roaming/<user>).  This must match the roaming path set up in Step 3

7d. Now move to the Item Selection section of the config menu:
Select the items you wish to share.

It should be said that depending on the user, sharing the history file can be a bad idea if you are running this anywhere that is not part of the local network.  The history file can easily be several meg...which would put a serious damper on things if you are using a modem link to access you data.

8. Restart NS...enter your password.  

NOTE: I also use this facility while at work, however, due to some proxy server related problems between mod_roaming and the functions used to pass the info between work and home, I can only move info to work and not write updated info from work. If I nail this one down I will amend this document. If anyone else knows a fix for this please contact me.

In the meantime, email new links to yourself and add them when at home.

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