Linux Step By Steps

Author: Scott Dubose <>
With help from Andy Bradford for part III.

Tested On: COL 2.3, KDE 1.1.1

I. Setting up netscape as your mailbox

1) You will need 5 pieces of information from your internet service provider in order to set up netscape for mail.
a) server type (POP, imap, MoveMail)
b) outgoing server name
c) incoming server name (may be the same as b)
d) username
e) password

2) Fire up netscape. Choose "Preferences" from the "Edit" menu.

3) Choose the category "Mail & Newsgroups".

4) Click on the Identity submenu and enter your name and assigned address.

5) Click on the Mail Servers submenu.

6) Click on "pop" in the "Incoming Mail Servers" box and press "edit" at the left. Enter your server name, server type, and user name.

7) Enter the outgoing server name and user name at bottom of "Mail Server" submenu.

II. Creating a link to your netscape mailbox on the desktop.

1) Right click on desktop, choose New->Application

2) Choose a name for the new application. I chose "Messenger.kdelnk".

3) Click the Execute tab. Type "/usr/bin/netscape -messenger" in the Execute box. This path may be different if you've reinstalled a different version of netscape than the one that comes installed with 2.3.

4) Click the Browse button. Chose the "communicator.xpm icon" (they are in alphabetical order, name of icon shown at bottom when your mouse pointer is over it).

5) Click the Application tab. Enter "communicator;" in the binary pattern box, and "Netscape Messenger" in the Comment and Name box.

6) If you want a link to netscape but are sick of that annoying splash screen, repeat the above steps but substitute "Communicator.kdelnk" for step 2, "/usr/bin/netscape -no-about-splash" for step 3, and for the step 5 change the Comment and Name box entries to "Netscape Communicator".

III. Creating a link to your netscape mailbox on the panel.

1) Click the K start button at the bottom left of screen. Choose Utilities->Konsole.

3) At the command prompt type "su". Type in your root password at the prompt and press enter.

4) Enter "xhost +LOCAL:".

5) Enter "export DISPLAY=:0.0".

6) Enter "kfm".

7) A new file manager window pops up. Navigate to /opt/kde/share/applnk/Internet.

8) Right click in the window (not over an icon though) and choose New->Application. Use steps 2-5 in part 1 to enter the necessary information.

9) If you want a splash screen free communicator startup, right click on the Communicator.kdelnk and see step 6 above (Most of the work is done for you. Just click the Execute tab, and change the Execute box to "/usr/netscape -no-about-splash". That's it.)

10) Click the K start button and choose Panel->Restart.

11) Click the K start button and choose Panel->Add Application->Internet->Messenger.

12) Right click on your icons and choose "Move" to drag them where you want them.

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