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Incorrect Time Zones on Emails from Netscape

Scott Dubose
GMT times stamped on emails sent from Netscape.

Basically you need to set the shell variable TZ to your current timezone entry before you start Netscape.

add the line

"export TZ=`cat /etc/timezone`"

to your ~/.bash_profile,

Timeouts & Dial up triggers

Netscape Highlighting Color

On occasion, it can be difficult to read what message you have highlighted in Netscape Messenger, to change the color of the highlight and/or the text inside the higlight bar:

  1. Create .Xresources in your home directory if it's not already there.
  2. Add:

  3. Netscape*selectForeground: White
    Netscape*selectBackground: Blue

    Or whatever colors you want to use.

  4. Restart your X server, go into Netscape and enjoy.
For a list of valid colors that can be used, examine the output of showrgb or run xcolorsel.

From: Warren Rasmussen <>

Downloading from FTP sites with Netscape -

You may experience some difficulties trying to download files from ftp sites such as Caldera's if you simply click on the link provided.

A more reliable method suggested to me by Caldera Tech Support was to right click on the link, which pops up a menu. Continue to hold the right mouse button down and scroll down the list and choose Save Link As...

Another way of accessing the same pop up menu which was suggested by Pam Roberts is to hold the Shift key down and left click on the link. Again, scroll down and choose the Save Link As... option.

This menu list will disappear only to be replaced by a dialog box allowing you to choose the directory where the file downloaded to your computer. The default is your $Home directory. In eD2.4 this is /home/penguin, where penguin will be
replaced in your case by whatever user name you have logged in as.

If you know how to work this dialog box you can direct it to write the file to any directory on your system you have write privileges. Remember, this is NOT windows and as user ..... you can only write to the directories where you are authorized to do

If you are a newbie and don't know how to work this box don't worry, just click OK and it will download the file to the default directory and you can move it, use it, and remove it later if you want to.

Happy downloading.

Downloading Caldera Security Updates -

If you're planning to download a Caldera rpm security update file, read and print the corresponding security release text file at: or

It will tell you which files to download for your version of COL. Also, DON'T use kpackage. The version that comes out of the box with eD2.4, for example, will NOT work with all downloads, especially the more recent ones. Religiously follow the
instructions in the corresponding security advisory text file which will tell you exactly how to type in the rpm with the correct switches using dreaded console mode. This should actually work. You can use Konsole from the K ->Utilities menu.
The experience will enhance your linux knowledge base.

You download the actual software updates from:

Choose your flavor of COL and pick the update you want to download. Don't forget to download all the packages on the list for that particular update. You may also want to download the srpm's as well so the source code you have on your computer
matches the programs you are using. I believe this is optional though, so if disk space is a problem, you could skip this part.

I find it helpful to open two browser windows, one for the security advisories text files and the other for the update files you plan to download. This can be especially helpful if you are starting from scratch with a new installation and want to bring it up to date.

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