Linux StepByStep


From Douglas Hunley

Installing INN as a stand-alone news server on your Linux workstation is easy.

The steps to install it are as follows:

  1. Download the latest stable release from ISC.orge
  2. Extract the tarball like so:
  3. Configure the software:
  4. Compile it:
  5. Create the news system group:
  6. Create the news user:
  7. Remove all existing INN software:
  8. Install your new INN:
  9. Update your library resolutions:
  10. Switch to the news user
  11. Adjust the news user's path
  12. Edit the relevant config files
  13. Create the buffer dir
  14. Pre-allocate the buffers
  15. Edit storage.conf
  16. Edit readers.conf (replacing hostname/newsgropus as needed)
  17. Correct the permissions
  18. Create the history files
  19. Configure /etc/syslog.conf
  20. touch /var/log/news.{crit,err,notice}
  21. chown news:news /var/log/news.{crit,err,notice}
  22. kill -HUP `pidof syslogd`
  23. Start it up
  24. Add your newsgroups

Enjoy your new INN libraries!

© 2000, Douglas J Hunley (doug at