Linux Step By Steps

Written by Kevin O'Gorman on 23-May-2003.

I've just installed majordomo on my old RedHat 7.3 system, and there were some gotchas not mentioned in any of the books or documentation that I had.

I don't remember all the stuff I had to do that was mentioned in the docs, this is more like an erratum for the things that have changed since the docs were written.

Newer versions of sendmail (and possibly other mailers) impose additional security features on programs like majordomo.  To work with these mailers, you must modify the documented procedures.

You can install the 'wrapper' program as mentioned, but it will NOT be found by the sendmail installed by default on RedHat 7.3, and perhaps others.  You should create a symbolic link from the directory /etc/smrsh to the wrapper that you've installed, because that's the directory that sendmail looks in for *ALL* of the programs mentioned in email aliases.  'man smrsh' for details.

Since RedHat installs Mailman by default, you'll find a different symlink there already.  Don't disturb it, just create a symlink so:
     cd /etc/smrsh
   ln -s /usr/lib/majordomo/wrapper majordomo-wrapper
and in your aliases file, make the majordomo alias look like this
     majordomo:  "|/etc/smrsh/majordomo-wrapper majordomo"
you don't even have to have the /etc/smrsh part on this alias, because sendmail is going to ignore it anyway, but it can help remind you later about what's going on.