Linux Step By Steps

Upgrading Sendmail with anti-spam functionality
Written on 01-April-2003 by Tim Moore

This upgrade assumes you have a saved copy of in /etc/mail/ (if you do not have a saved copy of this file refer to here.

1) Stop any running version of sendmail
2) Download the latest source archive from and extract it:
tar zxvf sendmail.8.x.x.tar.gz
3) Configure Sendmail to use the libmilter interface
cd sendmail-8.x.x
Build and install libmilter
cd libmilter
sh Build && sh Build install
cd *
4) Build the sendmail daemon
cd sendmail
sh Build -f /etc/mail/site.config.m4 && sh Build install
you should see '-DMILTER' periodically during the compile
cd ../obj.Linux-x.x.x (will vary depending upon kernel)
cd libsmutil
install libsmutil.a /usr/lib
cd ../libsm
install libsm.a /usr/lib
5) Now we need to configure and build the dreaded CF files
cd ../../cf/cf
cp /etc/mail/
sh Build
install /etc/mail && install /etc/mail/
The supporting tools are now built and installed
cd ../..
sh Build && sh Build install
Final configuration
6) Rebuild your aliases file
7) Start sendmail
Run your sendmail startup script