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Remote Sound

Mike Andrew / Stew Benedict

Using a client (remote) X gui is dead simple. Linux comes 'prepackaged' so that it is relatively painless
to run an X application from a 'server' to you on a remote 'station'.

X is video, not sound. It aint so easy to run sound applications, remotely. Here is a conversation snippet
from the linux-users mailgroup

> --- Tim Wunder <> wrote:
> > Thanks to several kind folks here, I've managed to configure my son's
> > PC so that I can have remote X login to my PC (see "stupid newbie network
> >
> > question" thread), even have it so that it can be logged into both at
> > the same time (Ctl-Alt-F7 is local, Ctl-Alt-F8 is remote). All is well
> >
> > except that the remote login has no sound. Is there a way to get a
> > remote X login with sound? It's not a BIG deal, since I'll usually
> > login
> > remotely just to check mail, but it'd be cool to have sound work. The
> > local PC has an old SB16 ISA card and the remote PC has an SB Live, if
> > that matters. Obviously, sound works on both when logged in locally

On Thu, 19 Jul 2001, Net Llama wrote:

> I dont' know that what you are attempting is possible. Sound is not
> related to X in any way. Its linked to the soundcard, module, & device
> on the local system. Sending the sound played on one system to the
> speakers of another system would be non-trivial at best.

Look into rplayd. I use it with a diskless Iopener. I run X from the
host machine using ltsp, and sound events get passed to the client
machine's kernel/sound driver. There is some latency, but it's fun ;^)

I've got a HOWTO on the Iopener setup on my web space:

Stew Benedict