Linux Step By Steps


AUTHOR: "Tom Jandl" <>

Edited: Mike Andrew

Caldera, along with any half decent installation program (Lizard) relies on the primitive, base set of VGA modes to work. And assumes, that all cards have as a minimum, this basic set.

Incredibly SIS6326 graphics card will NOT work on standard vga. This means it cannot be setup via lizard.

The reason XF86Setup will not work is that it uses the generic vga Xserver that the SIS chip will not run. Use the command line "xf86config" instead. 

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>Sterling's "how I got SiS 6326 to work" 


The SVGA drivers that came with Col 2.3 worked, but the driver I downloaded    (broken) are better

Drivers are at the bottom.  They were developed at SuSe.