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AirConnect Wireless AP

Submited by Bill Day
Last updated 9 Apr 2002.

With the help of another listmate, I was able to get a wireless access point up, without the use of their software.  Change the admin password via the web interface and get my wife's laptop on the move in the house.

The default password is comcomcom, found by Dave Aikema (as I never received the manual he found it in) and the username is admin.

Simply watch (tail -f /var/log/messages) for the dhcpack and get the IP address of the AP (access point)  open a browser to that IP address give the previous username and password, immediately choose configuaration, and security, and enter the new password.

HTH anyone else condiering a Wireless AP for their wired network.

The other unfun way was to serial connect it to winders, use either hyperterminal/telnet to configure it prior to hooking it to the hub/switch.