Linux Step By Steps


From: Tom Marinis <>

Um, I could not make the driver supplied by the manufacturer work for this card. The c driver provided by the manufacturer is out of date. It uses old kernal calls that are no longer employed by any Linux Kernals over 2.2 . Credit this SXS to burns, not me, he told me what to do

Manufacturer: AOpen
Card identifier: ALN 325 PCI .

OS Verified on: Caldera 2.2 and above, Slackware 7.0 and above, Suse 6.2 and above, Red Hat 6.0 and above.

A). On a fresh install, this card should be detected as a RealTek 8139 chipset. If not, select this setting prior to proceeding with the rest of the configuration and installation.

B). On a currently running system, the modules file must have the rt18139 module statement added. On Caldera Open Linux, use the COAS tool, select Networking, step through configuration process. By hand, you must;

For Caldera, this file is /etc/modules/default, the required statement that needs to be added is,


For other distro's of Linux, you might be able to just edit the modules file of the particular flavour of Linux. For example, for Suse, the files required to be updated are in


the required statement that needs to be added to both files should read ,

alias eth0 rt18139

Red Hat, Slackware also follow the same methodology.