Linux Step By Steps
Demand Dialling using PPP (Client)

These steps assume you have succsesfully setup ppp->client . Back out of here now, and do that step first.

Demand dialling refers to your ability to connect to the internet, on demand, and disconnect at some appropriate time later.

Pppd contains an option to do this and is simple to set up, IF you have the right conditions.

The following is the contents of MY /etc/ppp/options file. The added extras are in bold.

You can choose to have these extras directly in your command line, in the options file, or some place else. The below is convenient.

mtu 576
lcp-echo-interval 120
asyncmap 0
# drop after 5 mins
idle 300
#allow redial after 30 secs
holdoff 30

THE critical item here is

It refers to your hard ip numbers. In this case the LOCAL address that the ISP will assign me is 1.150 and the REMOTE address of that ISP is 1.20

IN GENERAL, these can be dummy entries if you have the options ktune and noipdefault. This allows the ppp daemon to adjust the kernel to the actual ip's used after negotiation.