PALM PROGRAMMING: The Resource Compiler. Pilrc

The resource compiler generates images widgets and responds to buttons.

download from

This site is difficult to navigate with poor presentation (noise noise, and more frames). The version available (pilrc-2.8) DOES NOT WORK. It is a windoze crlf tarball with a broken Makefile that makes it troublesome to compile. (I did, only to encounter further inconsistencies).

Fumble your way into the patches section.

In a poorly written and badly presented section that is not obvious, find pilrc-2.8p6.tar.gz

In  _theory_ this is the 6th patch with inferences about what we normally do with patches 1..5. The instructions on that  page are outright WRONG.

Ignore them, download this tarball. It is NOT a patch, it is full source. Compile it in the normal manner

make install # as su

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