Installing Win4Lin 1.0
Written by Susan Macchia Feb. 19, 2001
Updated, May 19, 2003

Note: As of May 19, 2003, Win4Lin version 1 & 2 are no longer available, only version 3 & 4.  So some or all of the steps may or may not apply.  YMMV.

1) Install the updated kernel for your distro.

You can get the updated kernel here

Make sure that you reboot into the Win4Lin kernel.

2) Install the normal Win4lin distribution (the cd or the downloaded version).

I had a CD so I installed it from there.  I don't know if you can obtain and evaulation of Win4Lin1.0 anymore.  I searched the website and only found a download of update4.

For the remainder of this document, I'll assume that the eval version directory structure is the same as the CD.

The procedure for installation is found at here.  Note that it is for Win4Lin 2.0, but its pretty much the same for 1.0.  I didn't use it because I found it didn't work exactly as advertized.

I did the following:
**See the addenda before proceeding**

a. Make sure the cd rom is mounted (if your installing from cd) and change directory to /auto/cdrom/LINUX.

b. sh

This will not be successful, but it installs the needed files for the rest of the installation.
c. sh /usr/bin/

This will install the win4lin files in /opt/win4lin and /var/win4lin.  You will be prompted to install from your Windows CD.  Whether you do it now or later doesn't really matter.  I waited until everything was installed and then installed it in step 4.

3) Download and install the win4lin update4, which can be found here.
Follow the instructions for the update found on the download page.  It talks about uninstalling update2.  But I jumped from the initial Win4lin 1.0 install to update4 without removing anything.

NOTE: As of May 19, 2003, this the update is no longer available, this step may not be needed with Win4Lin Version 3 or 4.

4) Run /usr/bin/winsetup

5) Create an icon on your desktop that executes /bin/win

Addenda contributed by Bill Campbell <>
Check to see if you have a dos2unix or unix2dos executable in your PATH before the ones in /usr/bin.  I've had my own version in /usr/local/bin for years, and this broke the installation process because it works slightly differently than the one supplied with Caldera.  David Peet at Trelos said that this isn't an uncommon problem.

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