TESTED: COL 2.2 & 2.3, KDE 1.1.1 Linux Kernel 2.2x series


KDE desktop Icon for Automatic My Docs folder on Win98 drive.

1. Login as root.

2. edit /etc/fstab   and add the following 

/dev/hdaX /mnt/c auto defaults,user 0 0

X = number of the windows partition (often hda1 on a dual boot system)

3. make a windows directory to match the above by typing in a console

mkdir /mnt/c

4. In KDE, right click the desktop and click on New and then click File System Device.

5. Then just click on ok, don't worry about the name for now.

6. Next, click on the Device tab and enter in your device with your  Windows partition: /dev/hda1. Leave everything else as it is. You can change the mount and unmount icons if you prefer.

7. Then click on ok and it adds this new device icon to your desktop. If you click on it it mounts your /dev/hda1 and takes you right to your Windows partition.

8. To create an icon for My Documents folder, just click on the  folder and drag it to the desktop and create a link to it when it asks you what to do with it.

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