From: "Les Bell" <lesbell@lesbell.com.au>
KDE on Windows - nice little trick

Here's a little recipe I thought I'd share with you all:

KDE Icing on Windows Cake


1 x machine running Caldera OpenLinux 2.2 or 2.3
1 x machine running Windows NT (95/98 will probably work too)
1 x copy of MicroImages TNTLite X Server or equivalent. This can be
obtained by download from http://www.microimages.com, and is also available
from http://www.tucows.com. For best results - although this makes the
recipe a little rich for some tastes - use Hummingbird eXceed, or other
commercial X servers.


Install TNTLite or an alternative X server on your Windows machine. Start
it up, put it to one side and leave it to cool for a few minutes.

Log into your OpenLinux box as root, and cd /etc/X11/kdm. Use vi or your
favorite editor to edit the file "Xservers" and at the bottom, add the

<your-Windows-machine>:0 foreign

where <your-Windows-machine> should be replaced with the fully-qualified
hostname or IP address of your Windows machine. Save the file. Give the

telinit 5

You should now see the Caldera KDM login screen on your Windows machine.
Log in, and your KDE desktop should appear. You might have to telinit 3 and
then telinit 5 again.

You now have a serious use for your Windows machine. Now your kids can play
Sirtet instead of Age of Empires, or you can run xload and other monitoring
utilities if you're forced to work at a Windows machine. OK, the fonts are
bit iffy, but with a little tinkering with xfs and xfstt, that should be

It's really pretty standard stuff, but it can impress the hell out of
newbies <g>.


--- Les [http://www.lesbell.com.au]

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