Linux Step By Steps

From Mike Andrew

The forms designer as supplied by caldera distros 2.2/2.3 and redhat 6.0/1 is slightly out of date missing some good bug fixes (and documentation).

If you are into C(++) programming and need a 'dialog box' gui interface for your applications, then fdesign, alias xforms, alias forms designer is the way to go.

Step 1) unload the existing installed xforms version 0.88 as follows

rpm -e xforms-devel-static-0.88-2 
rpm -e xforms-devel-0.88-2 

It is important to get these packages out of your system as KDE links will get confused with old vs new.

Step 2)download .089 from

or, from

Step 3) extract the source in the 'traditional' manner

tar -zxvf bxform-089-glibc2.1.tgz

from the directory produced (xforms) type

make install 


the magic incantation is 'fdesign', you can make a link to this on your desktop and you are also advised to use the mime types for a clean browsing application.