Using PGP & gnuPG
by Klaus Singvogel

With the current version of GnuPG (included in OpenLinux), you don't have an good base for PGP, because it lacks of the RSA algorithm.  This was due to License problems.
My advice: Get gnupg-1.0.4-2, which was released as an security update
by Caldera and can be found on the ftp-server:

Signing and encrypting does not work with netscape because no one currently knows, if and how to add such a plugin. You have to do this in a command line with, like xterm:
gpg -a -se -r «Username» [«Filename»]

My advice: Use kmail and configure PGP in.

Importing keys is a bit more complicated, because of the different versions of RSA keys, which PGP includes. GnuPG only supports OpenPGP Internet standard keys and this might be different from those of PGP 2.x.

The best thing is to extract them (armored) from PGP 5.x into a file.txt and include this into your keyring:
pgp --import «file.txt»
You could also send the key to one of the public keyservers and receive them back with gnupg:
gnupg --recv-keys «user-id»

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