Submitter: Mike Andrew

Ftape is the Linux floppy tape driver. It is suitable for use on the Ditto drive and *all* QIC80 devices (floppy and parallel port interfaces).

Floppy tape refers to the floppy interface present on almost all PCs. Tape drives that attach to this interface share the cable between themselves and the floppy device and the floppy controller. In addition, this driver also handles parallel port tapes drives (HP Trakker, Jumbo, Iomega Ditto).

The tapes themselves are normally Quarter Inch Cartridges (QIC) and as such they fall under the QIC protocol. The program that supports these interfaces is known as ftape and is well established. Ftape can be found at*.

Ftape and family are device drivers. They are *not* backup programs. You will need to use a backup utility such as tar, mt, cpio, or some such.

Two drivers are associated with this ftape:

Zftape refers to the compression schemes employed. While it structurally convenient to separate the compression functionality, both modules are required for ftape to function.

If you are using version 4.x (or higher) of ftape, then you will also need *one* additional module:

Now that you've determined which modules are needed for you device, let's load them.

  1. modprobe zftape (will load ftape as well)
  2. modprobe bpck-fdc/trakker/ftape-interal (for version 4.x and up)

Your device should now be recognized by the kernel. Time to figure out whic hbackup program you're going to use, and how you're going to organize those backups!
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