Submitter: Edith Frost

LS120 ("SuperDisks") and internal Zip drives are treated identically under Linux. They both use the ide_floppy driver which is compiled into the kernel by default in most distros.

Mounting the device is as simple as:

assuming that you've already created /mnt/zip and replace 'hdx' with whatever device assignment your drive has.

Using an fs-type of 'auto' in the mount command allows the kernel to mount the disk ass either vfat or ext2 (whichever it is formattedas). By default, these disks are formatted as vfat (DOS) disks. You can convert them to ext2 by diong:

(again, replacing 'hdx' with the correct device entry).

These devices respond to the 'eject' command, and when mounted are 'locked' and cannot be removed until they are unmounted and ejected.
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