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The following pages step through the make option via the gui interface. They are more or less applicable to all 2.2.x kernels, some very few, not-too-significant, options are missing on the lower kernel releases, but nothing enough to be concerned about. Many options are confusing, obtuse, or undocumented. These panels step you through the mess. Like all Steps, they intentionally don't go thru the finer detail.

The system.

The panels show a setup suitable for the following tested, proven, working, very common machine. It is highly likely that if you build from these panels, you too will have a working system as a result. You can add salt and pepper later.  

MMX class processor. (AMD-K6-2 and CYRIX-MII-400, Celeron, Pentium ][ and Pentium III.)
Standard IDE hard disk on primary master (/dev/hda)
Standard 40x IDE CDROM  (/dev/hdd)
LS120 Floppy drive (deliberately chosen instead of Zip, for exemplification of both)
SCSI CD-R  /dev/sda (Panasonic 7502W on AHA1510 adapter) Your mileage will vary
SCSI HD on NCR58C03 adapter  /dev/sdb  (your mileage will vary)
PS/2 Mouse
Standard Joystick
PNP ISA AWE 64 Soundblaster (deliberately chosen for it's inherently large number of options needed)
Voodoo Banshee on Agp VGA
NE2000 ISA PNP ethernet card (actually an RTL8019 clone)
NE2000 PCI ethernet card (an RTL8029 clone) Your mileage will vary
An external modem. (internals can cause problems)
A good ole parallel port with only a printer attached

Some things to realise before you go stepping thru. 

  1. Missing componentry from this list, ie, differences between what you have and what's mentioned here, should be irrelevant to a successful compile. If you dont' have SCSI anything, it means nothing. You cannot hurt anything by pretending you do have them.
  2. Sound, Ethernet and SCSI are dogs. Your Mileage will vary. The reason is simple. Each of these major class devices have any number of different, incompatible, controller cards. Use common sense. If you're ethernet card is a 3Com then select 3com, not, NE2000. Ditto AHA1510 versus Rabid Electronics PXY699, ditto ES1379 Sound cards versus AWE64. Use common sense. The panels will take care of the rest and I point out the trouble areas on each.
  3. The DOOZY. When you compile as modules people misunderstand about leaving options in, or leaving them out. Here's the plain basic bottom line. You can compile ALL MODULES. Only the ones required, will ever be used by your system. If in doubt, compile  the module.

You don't have what's listed here.

Well, with the exception of the cpu, STOP WORRYING. Get this stuff done once and go back and do it again.  It's called re-iteration. You get the compile done, you then fine tune. I call it conservative, versus successively aggressive re-compiles.

The fact that you can't get your ABC ethernet card to work first time with these panels wont affect you one jot in getting the all important compile to work, That's the big picture.


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